Why work for an ordinary company?

We don’t think there is any reason to choose an ordinary employer when there are extraordinary ones. Edument is making sure the market is matched with the best competence possible. If you want to truly develop, and if working with top of their field colleagues sound appealing to you, we think you should consider Edument as your home.

Our offer is a promise.

Our offer to you is a promise to help you become the best you can be. The way we do that is by making sure you are properly challenged. The Edument way of challenging our team members is providing the cases that push the most boundaries, and by attracting the customers that demand the most problem solving skills. We believe the only way for us to grow as a company is by having great minds growing with us. At Edument we strive for the right balance between consulting, development and teaching. In our experience the best developers are the ones that are challenged by making the complex understandable to others.

Personal development is not a buzzword.

We know that when developers get the opportunity to focus on their own areas of interest, when they are encouraged to further their knowledge and deepen their expertise, their motivation stays on top. Leaving room for personal development, we believe, is of utmost importance for our team members to stay ahead of their game. At Edument personal development is an integral part of the work. It is not only encouraged, but a requirement, that our developers spend time developing and improving themselves and the courses and educations we are giving.

It’s a very challenging environment and I’m surrounded by a lot of competence. You can tell the developers like it here. The opportunity to work on sharp projects from day one has been very rewarding. Therése Barmer - Trainee Developer

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Wanted: Business driven account manager

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Edument @ Øredev 2016

Don’t miss out on Øredev 2016 where we will have a booth. Save 10% off your ticket here

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