Productive development with ReSharper

Unleash your productivity in Visual Studio 2012 using the ReSharper 8 add-on. ReSharper is a refactoring and productivity tool which extends the functionality of Visual Studio, making it a better IDE.

Learn how to work more efficiently with Visual Studio by generating and refactoring code as well as navigating your codebase quickly and efficiently. Discover ReSharper templates and how writing and generating code can be simplified. The scope of the course covers the ReSharper basics as well as some more advanced topics.

Basic functionality and overview

  • Introduction to refactoring and code productivity
  • Installing ReSharper
  • Selecting a keymap
  • Basic ReSharper features, menus and functionality

Navigating and searching

  • Navigating between files, types and symbols
  • Navigating through class hierarchies
  • Finding usages
  • Navigating CSS, JavaScript and MVC applications

Code completion, generation and assistance

  • Visual Studio and ReSharper IntelliSense
  • Using the quick fix
  • The generate menu
  • Generating constructors
  • Declaring classes, properties and variables based on usage
  • Code completion in web development


  • The “Refactor this” menu
  • Renaming options
  • Extracting methods, classes and interfaces
  • Introducing variables and fields
  • Moving files
  • JavaScript refactoring


  • Live templates
  • File templates
  • Surround templates
  • The template explorer

Source code analysis

  • Namespace import optimization
  • The “Inspect this” menu
  • ReSharper code inspection
  • Value tracking
  • Inspecting type hierarchy
  • Custom patterns

Resharper options and customization

  • ReSharper options
  • Configuring code style

Course code: T223
Duration: 1 day
Price: 10 000 SEK



Course schedule

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Target Audience

Developers who want to increase their productivity, speed and efficiency through ReSharper


You should have programmed in .NET for a few years.

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